Sherp N 1200

MAXIMUM POWER                        55 HP

MAXIMUM SPEED                        25 MPH


CAPACITY                                       2640 LB

GRADEABILITY                                       35°

CLEARANCE                                        26 IN

Sherp N 1200

We present to you, the all-terrain vehicle that will impress everyone with its off-road performance! It has been engineered to demonstrate an absolutely new level of ATV construction. The ATV named Sherp N can easily overcome boulders, fallen trees, and other obstacles up to 1 m high. It floats perfectly, can easily pass marshes and deep snow and is able to move out of the water onto the ice. This hassle-free machine repeatedly gets us to areas where no man has gone before. We have seen the pristine nature of the taiga and tundra, Ugra swamps and mountains of the Kola Peninsula. And everywhere SHERP allowed us to feel strong and protected. 



 length, in  157
 width, in  101
 height, in  118
 Body  aluminium
 Dry weight, Lb  5640
 Engine Doosan D18
 Fuel  diesel
 Volume, cu.m  7.8
 Max. Power, hp 55
 Transmission  6-speed manual
 Suspension  pneumatic circulating
 Parking brake system handbrake
 Clutch  SACHS
 Clearance, in  26
 Number of cylinders  3
 Load capacity, Lb  2640
 Seats equipped with safety belts  8


 Maximum (in top gear), mph  25
 Minimum (in low gear), mph 1
 on water, mph 4
 Type of tires  tubeless, extra low pressure
 Tire size  71×23-25
 Passable surfaces  any
 Hourly fuel consumption (depending on the off-road conditions), gal/h  1.3-2.2
 Fuel tank capacity, gal  25
 Capacity of extra fuel cans, gal  15.3×4 = 61.2 gal
 Height of the obstacle in the form of a vertical step, ft  3
 Hill climbing capacity  35°


Key Features


ENGINE – 55hp diesel eco-friendly engine provides high torque and fuel efficiency while providing optimum performance with a low level of noise and vibration.

TRANSMISSION – Skid steering system with hydraulic assist for exceptional maneuverability turning within its own width on land or in water.


FINAL DRIVE – Enclosed gears & oil bath chains for maximum performance and superior reliability under extreme conditions.

SUSPENSION – Our patented suspension system (tires and wheels), are self-inflating for optimum traction and provide a smooth ride in any terrain.

TIRES – Unique tire tread provides propulsion in water, excellent traction on land and sure grip to climb onto ice from water.

SKID PLATE – Decol steel flat bottom chassis provides smooth finish from front to back with a 24″ (60 cm) ground clearance, handles large obstacles with ease.

CAB – Lightweight aluminum cab with advanced interior ergonomics including multi function digital gauge and fingertip controls all within easy reach.

ROPS – Integrated inside the cab is a full length ISO certified 3471-2009 and 5700-2008 Roll Over Protection Structure.

AMPHIBIOUS – A distinguishing characteristic of the Sherp N 1200 is it’s fully amphibious sealed compact chassis combined with massive all-terrain tires.

WARRANTY – 1 Year or 2,000 operational hours Limited Warranty, strongest warranty in the industry.

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